A properly installed sprinkler system not only keeps your flowers and lawn beautiful, it does so for less money.

We at Marrone Lawn Sprinklers lay out your new sprinkler system before installation to maximize the efficiency of every drop of water, saving big money on your water bill.

Our installation team members are meticulous, hard workers who take every precaution to ensure that they leave your yard the way they found it. We clean the tracks of all our machinery and take care when digging the lawn to make sure we put every piece of grass back in its proper place.


The Marrone installation team is trained at adding heads or zones to an existing sprinkler system.


If you're not happy with the system that another company put in for you, we would be more than happy to come out and rework your entire sprinkler system. We won't leave until we bring it up to the standard that the Marrone team can stand behind.



Activate system in Spring. Check entire system, make adjustments as needed. Replace any broken or bad parts. Set and check functionality of timer.


Shut down and winterize sprinkler system to avoid freeze damage.


Any time of year we are available to come out and repair breaks, leaks or adjust heads.


The heat of summer can cause extra brown areas in an otherwise beautiful lawn. Our techs can come out and adjust/change heads for more efficient watering in the dry South Jersey heat of summer. They will also reset your timer with a summer program.


In flower beds, we can install drip tubing with emitters that drip water directly at the root bases of all your shrubs and flowers. This means no wasted water from overspray and no water hitting your house.


Our drip specialists can install small emitters in potted plants all around the property, from your back deck up to second and third floor balconies. Our techs are experts in discretely hiding all tubing and emitters. All drip lines will run automatically with the rest of your sprinkler system.



Our meticulous crew makes every effort to leave your lawn the way they found it after a major installation.



No problem too big or too small for our highly trained and experienced service staff.